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Concrete Driveway Replacement and Repair


Is your driveway uneven or covered in oil slicks and cracks? Or do you have a gravel driveway that constantly makes your car look like it just drove down a country road? We can fix that! Nombach has been doing concrete driveway repairs and replacements in Chicago and its suburbs for decades. From demolition to finishing touches, our crew is 100% hands on, paying attention to even the smallest details.

We are fully equipped to handle any type of concrete driveway repair demolition. With our hydraulic hammers and concrete saws, we can make short work of any project. After the demo, our team gets right to work grading the ground with compactors, ensuring an even surface for your new concrete driveway replacement. With a duradrive fiber mesh – 4500 psi mix combined with 6 x 6 10 gauge wire mesh, our concrete is far more durable than competitor’s concrete mixes, thus providing you with a finished product capable of bearing the weight of heavier motor vehicles and standing up to today’s weather extremes.

Upon completion of your concrete project, all of the wood forms we used to prepare your new concrete will be removed and the holes left behind will be back filled with dirt.

Nombach Construction – Licensing

We carry both a class B and class C masonry license (license #MC6627) issued from the City of Chicago, Department of Buildings. These licenses permit us to legally perform concrete and brick work and obtain permits as needed.

Due to a lack of enforcement, approximately 9 out of 10 contractors performing extensive masonry repairs in Chicago lack a class C license and are not adequately insured.

As an educated consumer, do your due diligence before hiring a contractor because, unfortunately, not all contractors share our commitment to the profession. Don’t assume or take a contractor’s word for it, demand to see the physical license and make sure it has not expired. If the contractor can’t produce a current license, continue your search for a licensed masonry contractor in Chicago.









This residential concrete patio and driveway was integrally colored
with “Mocha” pigment and highlighted with a “Gray” Pewter release.



This Concrete driveway was integrally colored with a “Steel Gray”
pigment and highlighted with a “Dual Gray” release.

Craftsmanship and attention to detail have been the hallmark of Nombach Home Exteriors.


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