I have used this company for 5 roof jobs. I continue to come back because of the honesty and professionalism of the sales staff and the hard work of the workers. The inspection process is incredible. If there was the least bit of residue left behind, when the salesperson comes back, he cleaned and made sure I was satisfied. I have recommended the company too many people and have received the $100. Reference #17296 The Summer of 2011 Hail Storm severely damaged a roof put on by Nombach 9 years ago. I didn’t know there was damage, but I had a sudden leak in January, 2012. Called Jack at Nombach and he immediately came to look at the damage. He took numerous pictures and informed me that the leak was due to the hail storm. I called my insurance company. When I mentioned that Nombach was my roofing company, they asked for me to send the pictures because they knew of Nombach s work. Thanks Jack and Nombach for getting the job done. Reference # 17972