By Mark H.

I called several businesses, requesting someone’s presence to assess damage to my roof from windstorms that had swept through the area, and also to give me an estimate on gutters for my garage. Everyone returned my initial call, but Nombach was the only company to show up for the appointment made. Needles to say, I was unsurprised by the professionalism of the estimator. I was also impressed with the education I received on the gutter and roofing systems used by Nombach. I decided to give them my business, and I am totally pleased and satisfied with the results. The shingle replacements are indistinguishable from the rest of the roof, which was surprising given my roofs color and age. My garage gutter system is as thoroughly and solidly built, as what was shown to me in my home. Weather caused delays in the start of the projects, but the work crew communicated with me regularly on when they hoped to get started, and eventually were able to do so. I felt that they cared about my projects from start to finish, and that made a difference to me. I am already aware of some potential, future needs, and when the time comes to meet them, Nombach will be the first call that I make. I recommend them highly. I even left their sign in my front yard for several days after the work was done, in hopes that they would be considered for work, by others. Signed, Mark H. Reference # 290649