Our area was hit hard from both the blizzard of 2011 and the hailstorm at the end of June. I lost a lot of shingles from the roof and developed a leak in the upstairs hallway. I really needed a new roof but I didn’t know who to call. There was a group repairing a roof down the block so I asked him to come over and give me an estimate. I almost fell over when he said $17,000 and he said why worry, your insurance will pay for it all. I said if the insurance didn’t cover the whole roof, I could never afford that. Then I remembered that my mom had had some work done on the roof in the late 90’s so I searched through her receipts (she saved everything) and I found the name Nombach Home Exteriors. What a difference! Bret came over and immediately told me that he was involved in the small repair job they had done for my mom back in 1996. He then proceeded to show me a book that contained their license, approval letters from the BBB, and recommendation letters from other customers. Then he inspected the roof and agreed that it needed to be replaced. He showed me the options for the roofing shingles, explained about the 25 year warranty and explained all the extras that would be done to insure a good fit around the chimney and dormers. Because the area of repair on the right front corner of the roof was still under warranty, I was not charged for that section. The price was so reasonable, I asked what the charge would be to side the back part of the house where an open porch was enclosed years ago and needed to be redone. The price was great and I ended up with a new roof and new siding for much less than the first man wanted for a new roof alone. The work was done promptly and very professionally and they cleaned up every speck of garbage and material. I would not hesitate to have them back again to do more work or to recommend them to friends. With money so tight these days, it’s good to know someone who is honest and does good work for reasonable prices.