Chicago cement? Every Chicago homeowner or business eventually needs cement work. Does your driveway have big cracks running through it? How about your outside cement stairs? Are they beginning to crumble? Chicago cement specialist Hans Nombach Roofing & Tuckpointing yes in lovely Chicago, not only specialize in Roofing, Tuckpointing, Siding, Windows but also specializes in cement work. The work we have done is stellar.

We have a group of skilled masons who can repair your driveway, stairs, sidewalk or patio. Broken and cracked concrete or cement fixtures are some of the first things people notice when coming to visit. Of course a cracked piece of cement can be charming, in a rock garden. Cracked cement is a safety issue and should be repaired right away.

Chicago is an old city, modern and beautiful but with cracked cement in older homes it can be dangerous. Chicago might not look so charming if you were to fall on some cracked cement, chipping sidewalk or stairs.

Not only do they look bad, but they can become a safety hazard. You don’t want anyone getting harmed while on your property. You need to fix them for safety reasons.

If you are thinking of selling your Chicago house, then those concrete items also definitely need to be fixed before placing it on the market. Cracked, broken, and eroding concrete dramatically lessen your home’s curb appeal and will lower the appraisal value of your house and property.

Hans Nombach Roofing & Tuckpointing yes that’s us, offers free estimates and if your cement fixture can’t be repaired, then we can totally remove it and build a new one. Your Chicago home or business will love us.

Maybe needing cement repairs isn’t your problem though. Maybe you just want some additional hardscaping around your property. We can complete those projects too.

Whether you know exactly how you want to enhance your property or you are just at the beginning stages of thinking about it, Nombach can help. If you are interested in a new patio, driveway extension, sidewalk path, or other cement feature, then we can assist you with all the stages for those too. From the planning and designs, to the forms and pouring, to the implementation of the pattern work and coloring of the cement, our masons are experienced professionals. They have invested a lot of time into learning their craft, and we are proud of the work they do.

So why not take your unsightly and needing repaired, concrete fixtures and turn them back into a safe asset to your home? Or let your creativity out and transform a piece of your property into a beautiful part of your homes exterior.

We have been working with cement in the Chicago area for decades. Our cement work is helping to beautify Chicago. Why not let us help beautify your home too?

Call Nombach Roofing & Tuckpointing today for a free quote at 708-808-4253.

Nombach Construction – Licensing

We carry both a class B and class C masonry license (license #MC6627) issued from the City of Chicago, Department of Buildings. These licenses permit us to legally perform concrete and brick work and obtain permits as needed.

Due to a lack of enforcement, approximately 9 out of 10 contractors performing extensive masonry repairs in Chicago lack a class C license and are not adequately insured.

As an educated consumer, do your due diligence before hiring a contractor because, unfortunately, not all contractors share our commitment to the profession. Don’t assume or take a contractor’s word for it, demand to see the physical license and make sure it has not expired. If the contractor can’t produce a current license, continue your search for a licensed masonry contractor in Chicago.

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