Roofing Maintenance in Chicago, Illinois

Living in the Midwest means that your roof is susceptible to many extreme weather conditions. Your roof takes the beating all year long which is why it is necessary to have your roof routinely checked and maintained. We are shingle roof repair Chicago specialists.



A periodic maintenance plan can prevent small, easily fixable problems from becoming huge, costly problems. The right repairs to a roof system that are caught early enough can prolong the life of your roof and maintain the value of the original roof investment.

Since 1969, Nombach Roofing and Tuckpointing has earned its reputation for quality craftsmanship and superior customer care by following the skills and family principles passed down from our founder, a master shipbuilder, Hans Nombach.

These values and skills are a part of what makes us leaders in this industry, providing new installation, repairs, and general roof maintenance for commercial, industrial, and institutional roofs.




Our roof inspection and maintenance plan includes:

  • Conveniently scheduled periodic inspections of your roof
  • A detailed analysis of the condition of your roof
  • A comprehensive price package to meet your budget.
  • Skilled tradesmen at your demand.