Chimney Liners

Every day, thousands of furnaces and water heaters vent into outdated chimneys with old or damaged liners, causing excessive water vapor, corrosion, poor draft, and carbon monoxide build-up. These are serious problems, and unfortunately, most homeowners don’t even know that the issues exist until it is too late because the defects do not make themselves known immediately. Draft is drastically reduced when flue gases are cold, and this can lead to carbon monoxide build-up that can leak into your home, which can be extremely hazardous to your family’s health.


Water vapor – a normal by-product of fuel combustion- condenses on the cool inside surfaces of a chimney, especially along the inside of the exterior walls. The resulting water is absorbed by the chimney, and is then transferred through the walls, causing peeling paint and wallpaper, and crumbling plaster. Hydrostatic pressure from the moisture within the chimney can also result in excessive structural damage. Older, more traditional chimney liners are not suitable for long-term exposure to acidic condensates, and end up leaking water vapors and carbon monoxide into your home.


What other problems occur
inside a chimney flue?

chimney-06Nombach Roofing & Tuckpointing has decades of experience repairing chimneys and chimney liners throughout the Chicago area. Over the years, we have come across many chimney liners, and have been somewhat less than thrilled with their performances. Many liners are too thin and are crimped together, causing them to be weak and unable to stand up to long-term wear and tear in the extreme heat environment of a chimney. That is why we kept a look-out for a high-quality liner that could handle the tough conditions inside of a chimney.



After years of searching, we have found that tough liner, and are very pleased with its performance…Ventinox™. We use only Ventinox™ Chimney Liners because they are thick and durable, constructed from stainless steel (not aluminum), and with continuously welded seams, preventing flue gases and condensation from escaping. Ventinox™ Chimney Liners are specifically designed to prevent the common problems that occur in gas, oil, and solid fuel fireplaces.

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