Concrete Stairs

Old, cracked stairs can be a danger to any resident, especially the elderly. Many buildings in the Chicago area are very old, and the stairs leading up to the door are generally just as old. After a few decades, the stairs are damaged from our extreme weather conditions, beaten by the sun, rain, sleet, snow, wind and ice. The cement eventually erodes enough to cause cracking and crumbling, making your home a danger to your family, or anyone else that comes to your door. So why not build concrete stairs or simply repair concrete stairs that provide a safe passage for those using them and beautify your home in the process?

Hans Nombach has a team of skilled, professional masons that will be glad to help you build your concrete stairs and get them back to a beautiful, smooth, level surface and remove the dangers caused by uneven, cracked and crumbling cement.

Nombach Construction – Licensing

We carry both class B and C masonry licenses (license #MC6627-4) issued from the City of Chicago, Department of Buildings. These licenses permit us to legally perform concrete and brick work and obtain permits as needed.

Due to a lack of enforcement, approximately 9 out of 10 contractors performing extensive masonry repairs in Chicago lack a class C license and are not adequately insured.

As an educated consumer, do your due diligence before hiring a contractor because, unfortunately, not all contractors share our commitment to the profession. Don’t assume or take a contractor’s word for it, demand to see the physical license and make sure it has not expired. If the contractor can’t produce a current license, continue your search for a licensed masonry contractor in Chicago.




Have your old railings seen better days? Are they rusted, broken, or in need of repair? Old broken railings can be an eyesore, and even worse, a danger to a person who is dependent on them. Hans Nombach can repair your old railings, as well as sand blast and paint them! Should your railings need complete replacement, we can also design and build new custom railings for your home.



Your business is truly important to us. Please contact us at your earliest convenience for all of your exterior stair and railing needs!