The Best Local Roofing Company in Hillside

Nombach is an experienced roof contractor in the Hillside region. We have been in business since 1969 and are aware of the ins and outs of the roofing industry.

Our customer reviews on Angie’s List speak are a testament to the fine craftsmanship we bring to the table. Whether you are looking for roof replacement or repairs, we are your go-to roofers.

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Our most popular roofing solutions

  • Roof leak repair: Our roofing experts have years of experience in dealing with all kinds of roof leaks and damages. They will help you get rid of your leaking roof in no time!
  • Roof installation: Along with helping you repair your leaking and damaged roof, we also install a new roof in your building. From flat roofs to shingle roofs, we can work with all kinds of materials without any hassle.
  • Roof investigation and maintenance: We also offer complete roof maintenance services. Our roofers will visit your place and conduct a thorough investigation of your roof. They will suggest the best maintenance tips and methods to you.

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