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Have you had your chimney inspected this year? Chimney inspections in Chicago are a commonly overlooked household maintenance item that needs to be performed annually. We at Hans Nombach Roofing & Tuckpointing recommend that people follow the national guidelines for chimney inspections.

The National Fire Protection Association has certain standards. Fireplaces, Vents, everything, Not only Chicago chimneys but all chimneys must be inspected at least once a year. It is good common sense to make sure your chimney is safe so you are doing the right thing.

Inspecting a chimney in Chicago goes beyond looking at the outside of the chimney to make sure that the bricks and mortar are still in good condition. It involves inspecting both the chimney and fireplace for the buildup of either soot or creosote, and looking for possible obstructions.

As with everything else, time takes its toll on chimneys too. Old chimneys were not designed for today’s furnaces and appliances. The old liners may need to be replaced. If the brick and mortar are showing age, you may need tuckpointing. Sometimes though, even tuckpointing will not solve the problem. You may need to have your chimney rebuilt.

Granted, you can look up at some chimneys and instantly see that they need repairs, but often what you can’t see is the most potentially dangerous items. If you ignore your yearly chimney inspections, you increase your chances of a chimney fire. Not inspecting your chimney can lead to structural damage to your home, blockage of the flue, and faster chimney deterioration.


One of the most serious hazards of not having a chimney inspection is carbon monoxide poisoning. You cannot see or smell carbon monoxide, but if it builds up to high enough level, it can quickly kill a person. If your flue is broken or the chimney is blocked, carbon monoxide can be prevented from exiting your home. Backdrafts can also keep the carbon monoxide from escaping.

A chimney inspection is good preventable measure to keep such a tragedy from occurring. Carbon monoxide detectors are also a good investment. The best investment though is to get an annual chimney inspection.


Nombach Service Chicago and the Area for Chimneys Installation and Repair

Why wait until the little problem grows into a large one? Having your chimney inspected annually can save not only your chimney, but also your home, and even your family.

Here in Chicago, Hans Nombach Roofing & Tuckpointing has a reputation of great product, great service, and great prices. We offer free estimates, senior discounts, and credit terms with low monthly payments.

So again, we ask: Have you had your chimney inspected this year?
If not, call Hans Nombach Roofing & Tuckpointing at 708-388-1090.

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