Can You Pressure Wash a Roof? Everything You Need to Know

Can You Pressure Wash a Roof? Everything You Need to Know

Sometimes, your roof might start getting a bit dirty. This is natural if you live somewhere with a lot of serious weather conditions or simply if you’ve had your roof for a long time. The reality is, all roofs get dirtier and dirtier over the years.

But you needn’t worry. There’s actually a number of simple ways to clean your roof. If you want to know about them, then you’re in the right place.

One of the biggest questions people have about roof maintenance these days is whether you can pressure wash your roof. We’ll look at this answer in more detail shortly. And we’ll also look at how else you might be able to clean your roof in certain situations. Keep reading this article if you want to know more about whether you can pressure wash your roof and how to do it.

Can you pressure wash a roof?

There isn’t really one definitive answer to the question of whether you can pressure wash a roof or not. The reality is that there are a number of factors at play. These include things like the material of your roof, the type of pressure washer you have, and whether you can do it safely.

There’s also a difference between pressure washing your roof yourself, or hiring an expert to do it.

There are  actually a number of common roof tiles they it’s recommended you never wash with a pressure washer. That’s because these tiles are made of granular concrete and the pressure will actually degrade and wear them away significantly. The trouble is, these types of tiles are really common. If you’ve got them, you really shouldn’t use high-pressure water on your roof.

Other roof finishes like those made of stronger tiles or metal (or other materials) can handle high-powered pressure washes more adequately. If you’re unsure about your roof construction, don’t pressure wash it. Consult an expert until you’re certain.

Moss should also be removed before any attempts to pressure wash your roof even if you do have the right type of roof finish or tiles. That’s because moss can affect drainage and cause other issues with your roof. These can be exacerbated with a pressure wash. If you don’t check your roof properly or use pressure-washing on the wrong type of roof, it can cause roof damage and even leaks into your home.

Is it safe to pressure wash a roof?

There are two different types of safety you have to look out for. The safety of your roof and the safety of you or the people carrying out the job. As we’ve already suggested, many roof finishes are not suitable for regular pressure washing jobs. However, some specialist firms do have pressure washers that can cope with certain types of roofs.

They have experience doing so, and they also have experience working safely (or they should do).

If you’re considering washing your own roof, you need to be very careful. Not only with your roof but also to maintain personal safely. Always make sure you’ve got the right safety equipment and are working supervised.

Do not go up on your roof unless you are certain you can do it safely. Use a tether or ladders and harnesses. Work slowly and methodically. Work alongside supervision or with adequate help. Never rush the job. Make sure you’ve got the right pressure washer and equipment.

One important thing to remember is that moss doesn’t necessarily need to be cleaned off a roof. That’s why most people decide to pressure wash it, but moss is only really a problem if it is affecting water flow, or if it is falling off onto other parts of the house.

Standard moss can be left on the roof, but roof cleaners may try and convince you to pay for their roof-cleaning service simply to make money. You need to be wary of these sort firms as they might not even clean your roof properly.

As already suggested in this article, incorrect pressure washing could damage many types of roofs.

Always look for a recommended service provider in your local area before you let them carry out any work. Don’t just go for the first roofer that approaches you. Check their previous work, see if anyone recommends them and make sure they’ve got all the right qualifications and licenses in your area.

Check online review sites as well, but nothing beats the personal recommendation of someone you know to have a similar type of roof to yours.

There are other ways to clean roofs that don’t need high-pressure water like that of a pressure wash. These can be less harmful to your roof construction. Consider scrubbing with soapy water or a lower-pressure hosing. But remember, if you’re getting onto your roof you’ll still have to do it slowly and carefully, especially if the roof becomes slippery when wet.

How much does it cost to pressure wash a roof?

That depends if you want to hire your own pressure washer or hire a roof cleaner to do the job. Doing it yourself might not be as safe, and you might not know what you’re doing as much but it could be cheaper.

You can ask for competitive quotes from roof cleaning companies but make sure you go on more than just the price they give you. A poor cleaning job could damage your roof and cost you more in the long run.

Hopefully, this article has helped you with enough info on the ins and outs of cleaning a roof today. A lot of it depends on the type of finish your roof has. The realities of cleaning a metal pitched roof are a lot different to those of cleaning a granular or sandy tiled roof.

The thing is, most people do still have tiled roofs and it’s many of these tiles that simply won’t take a high-powered pressure wash very well. Be careful with the type of wash you aim to give your roof.