Easy Way to Clean Gutters. Do it the Right Way

Easy Way to Clean Gutters. Do it the Right Way

Looking for an easy way to clean gutters? Guttering can get clogged up and dirty for all sorts of reasons. Keeping them clean at all times is important, as clogged up guttering could lead to a number of other issues. It’s especially important that you keep your guttering clean during autumn when leaves are falling. That’s one of the main reasons gutters can get clogged, but it isn’t the only reason. That’s why you should keep them clean at all times.

In this article, we’re going to drill down on cleaning gutters so you know exactly what to do to get the job done quickly and easily. We’ll also look at a number of other issues associated with cleaning your gutters. Like why you need to do it regularly and why it’s so important.

Easy way to clean gutters – Why you need to clean your gutters

Cleaning gutters isn’t just about keeping things looking right. It can really be important to the structure of your home. Let’s have a look at why…

1. It can prevent floods

Clogged up gutters, especially with leaves, can lead to water overspilling in other areas and can cause floods. This is a massive reason why you need to keep your gutters clear and clean.

2. It can prevent ice damage

If water gets stuck in your gutters and especially downpipes and then turns to ice, it will expand. This is a big problem. Expanding ice can cause gutters to crack. Not only that, but if too much ice builds up, it can actually fall and hurt someone, or even damage the structure of your roof or home.

Ice build-ups can cause even more water to build up and can exacerbate the problem. When the ice starts to thaw, it will shift and could dislodge your entire guttering. This can be dangerous, and can also lead to costly repairs being necessary. Not only is it a threat to human safety, but it could also fall on your car or damage the structure of your home. Ice damage needs to be avoided at all costs, and keeping your gutters clear and clean is one of the best ways of doing so.

3. It can prevent leaks

Aside from floods and ice damage, clogged up gutters can also lead to leaks on your roof as the water has nowhere else to go. TOo much water on the roof can lead to sags and holes, and your roof cavity or attic could get filled with water soon enough. That’s another reason why you need to keep them clean.

How to make gutters easier to clean or an easy way to clean gutters

One way to make cleaning gutters so much easier is to have open-faced guttering. A lot of people have closed off piping systems and especially downpipes, but these are a bad idea for a few different reasons. Closed pips clog up much more easily, and you’ll find it much harder to spot any problems. Not only that, but it’s harder for problems to be dealt with.

Open-faced downpipes are much easier to clean and clear. They’re also much better during cold weather and will not be at as much risk from ice damage.

How often should you clean your gutters?

You should clean your gutters at least once a year. Potentially even more often if you see a lot of issues or live somewhere that gets a lot of leaves falling or other things that could clog your pipes. If you’ve got overhanging trees, you might want to clean your roofs at least twice a year maybe even more often.

Make sure you clean your gutters after storms. Inspect your pipes and gutters carefully during cold periods, especially when there’s snow or ice.

Easy ways to clean your gutters

easy way to clean guttersAlways make sure you work safely. Put on gloves and other safety equipment. Some of the easiest ways to clean guttering will not require you to get up on a ladder. But if you choose to do so, make sure you always work carefully.

Get someone to hold the ladder and work slowly and methodically. Make sure you’re always stable and don’t take any risks. Get someone else to do it if you aren’t completely sure you can do it safely. Be extra careful in cold or icy weather.

In saying all that, there are thankfully some easy ways to clean guttering without having to climb a ladder. You can do it from the ground level if you have the right equipment. This is much safer, but you still need to be careful when working with big tools, especially to make sure you don’t damage your guttering, roof or home.

If you have long implements, some of these can be used from ground level to clear guttering. There are special pipes you can get for this, but you might also find other implements around the house like pipes and even brooms can work well.

If there are windows you can lean out of, this can be a good option to clear them from above (carefully). If you are working from the ground level, you’ll need to make sure you can get a good view of your guttering to make sure everything is cleared. That’s one of the drawbacks of working from the ground not being able to see if everything is completely clear.

Use a plastic bag or bucket to collect all the debris and leaves from the gutter. The easiest way if you’re good with ladders is simply picking it out with your hands while wearing gloves. Dislodging from the ground (or above) isn’t always as easy but is much safer.

Some stubborn bits of debris or dirt might require a bit of force, but don’t apply so much that you break the guttering. When you’ve cleared everything, wash it all through with some water. Make sure the water flows through properly and doesn’t get stuck. You can also add cleaning products to the water to give an extra level of cleaning power.

Hopefully, all these tips are enough to get you clean gutters. If you can’t do it yourself, you might want to hire a professional to do an even better job.