Do Gutters Add Value to a Home? Full Answer And Guide

Do Gutters Add Value to a Home? Full Answer And Guide

When you think about getting new guttering installed and other roof alterations, some might think do gutters add value to a home while others probably aren’t thinking about property value. After all, there are a lot of more important reasons to get your roof fixed.

While you might be put off by the initial cost of new roofing systems or repairs, did you know that a lot of these might actually pay for themselves in the long run by adding value to your home?

In this article, we’re going to look at some of the issues surrounding getting new guttering installed, along with whether doing so could actually add value to the price of your home. That could mean the initial cost is offset by what it adds to your house.

While this won’t mean you’ll actually get money back in the short term (unless you plan to sell soon), everyone wants their home to be worth more. But how much could such roof alterations actually affect the value of your property? Let’s have a look…

So Do Gutters Add Value to a Home or not?

Why new guttering is a good ideaabsolutvision-82TpEld0_e4-unsplash (1)
Before we look at whether new guttering could increase the value of your property, there are probably some more immediate reasons why you should upgrade your gutting. Maybe you don’t have guttering in the first place, or perhaps it’s old, damaged and needs replacing.

Either way, gutters are important, especially if you live somewhere with a lot of rainfall. Let’s look at why:

  • Guttering can prevent flooding. You might think rain gutters are just for the exterior of your home and to help water move off the roof and around the home. However, they can actually stop floods occurring inside as well. That’s because when rainfall isn’t moved away from your home it could build up around the base of your house and cause basement flooding or issues on lower levels.

Not only that, but the excess build-up of water on your roof could lead to leaks coming down from the top.

  • Guttering will also prevent rotting fascias as water builds up and is prevented from flowing away from your roof. THis could lead to costly roof repairs in the long run.
  • Guttering can also help prevent ice build-up during the winter. If water gets logged on your roof, it can turn to ice in cold weather. This can have extreme consequences for your roof and could lead to costly repairs. Gutters will help draw rain away from your roof before it can turn to ice.

The quality of your guttering is also important. Poor quality ones could lead to bowing driveways. Clogged gutters could also send water where it should go, causing problems around your home and in your garden.

Proper guttering might also reduce your need for pest control as standing water can help certain outdoor life breed. Finally, guttering can also keep the exterior of your home much cleaner.

Can guttering add value to your home?

You’ve already seen how important guttering can be in preventing costly repairs to your roof and home. But that’s not the only reason new gutters are a good financial idea…

New guttering is actually one of the few external home improvements that could make your property worth more. While you might be put off by the initial cost of upgrading, be aware that this could almost pay for itself in what it could add to the price of your home.

If you’re thinking of selling your house soon, then it could be a worthwhile addition. Even if you aren’t, the initial cost could be offset in the long run by knowing that you’ve added some value to your home further down the line. But why does guttering add value to your home?

  1. Firstly, new gutters make your home work better and increase the house’s functionality. They prevent other costly repairs, as we’ve already looked at, and this adds value to a property. Newer guttering has improved technology that can make sure you don’t have to clear them regularly, saving time and money for a homeowner.
  2. New gutters also improve the appearance of your home. They add what’s known as curb appeal. That means your house will look better to visitors and also potential buyers. The more buyers who are interested in your home, the more demand there’ll be—therefore the price they’ll be willing to pay will go up.
  3. People don’t want to move into a new home that needs a lot of work doing. Just like a fresh paint job and new windows could improve the value of your house and make it more popular in the property market, so could new guttering. When potential buyers see your new guttering they’ll know they won’t have to spend the time and money to get it installed themselves. They’ll also know they won’t have to do a lot of repairs and other costly jobs associated with not having guttering, or having very old guttering. Both these reasons could make your house much more attractive.
  4. Guttering can also extend the lifespan of your roof which is another thing people are willing to pay for. Poor guttering can cause many issues with roofs, as we’ve already touched on, so brand new and clean guttering can make sure you won’t have to do roof repairs for a long time yet. Again, this adds value to your home. Whether you’re trying to sell soon or even if you aren’t—new gutters are a great way to add real value.

What other roof alterations could add value to your home?

Aside from new guttering, looking after your roof is generally a good idea if you’re trying got sell a home or just increase its value. Generally, overlayed roofs can’t be overlayed again, so a roof that hasn’t been overlayed can be more attractive to home-buyers.

Some finishes and styles of roofs can also add value, as well as high-quality installations and good quality insulation and ventilation. If you want to add value to your home, start looking at your roof first.