Hiring a Roofing Contractor Checklist – Read And Bookmark

Hiring a Roofing Contractor Checklist – Read And Bookmark

If you think you need a new roof, have one that needs repairing or simply want to find out what the options are – you might be in the market for finding a new roofing contractor.

While there should be plenty of options in your local area – there’s a big difference between a good roofing contractor and a great one.

Sometimes, the best can be hard to find. But it’s also important that you treat finding a roofer seriously, as wasting your money on a poor quality roofing solution could set you up for more repairs and expenses down the line.

So if you need a roofing contractor – you’re in the right place. Work through this hiring a roofing contractor checklist carefully and make sure you’ve checked every avenue before you decide which firm to hire.

Hiring a roofing contractor checklist

1. What sort of roof do you have?

hiring a roofing contractor checklist - type of roofThere are tons of different roof types, and while some contractors might try and specialize in every type of roof – many don’t.

Some of the biggest firms might be able to look after your needs regardless of the type of roof you’ve got, but it’s often a good idea to find a contractor who specializes in your specific roof construction.

So if you’ve got a shingle roof, you might need a different contractor to one who takes care of slate tiles.

There are so many different types of roof finishes, from metal roofs to membranes, it can be hard for one small contractor to specialize in everything.

That’s why you need to make sure the contractor you go with has worked with many of your types of roofs before. T

hey might tell you they can get the job done, but if they can’t show you lots of happy customers with that specific roof finish, you might want to look elsewhere.

2. What options are available in your area?

If you want to relay or repair an existing roof, you should have a few options in your local area – especially if you go back to the firm who first installed your roof.

This can be a good place to start – but it’s not the only place you should look. Especially if you think your roof has under-performed or needs repairs much sooner than you think it appropriate. I

n those circumstances, it’s a good idea to look elsewhere and potentially find a better roofer for your home.

In some cases, you might want a completely different roof solution when you have your roof replaced – but is that a viable option in your local area? Some people are deciding to modernize and replace their old slate roofs with easier-to-maintain metal pitched roofs.

But is this possible in your area? Are there enough contractors who know how to install that type of roof near you?

Aside from finding the right contractor in your area, you also need to look at what sort of roofing options are appropriate in your geographic location.

There are some roofs that can’t handle extreme weather, like snow heavy rain. Make sure you get a roof that both fits in with your neighborhood and can handle the weather.

3. Check reviews online

hiring a roofing company checklist One great place to start on your search for a contractor is the internet. There are review sites for almost anything these days – and local contractors are no different.

Have a look and see which options are available in your local area, and try and find a contractor with a range of good reviews.

One tip when looking at reviews online is not to pay too much attention to the overall rating. Read the reviews themselves. There might be reasons why people are rating a company high or low.

These reasons might not be relevant to you. Also, make sure you pay close attention to firms that have too many anonymous 5-star ratings.

These could be fake. Look at the reasons why people are giving something 3 or 4 stars as this could be a much better indicator.

4. Ask people you know in the local area about their roofing solutions

If you’ve got neighbors who’ve recently had their roof done – this could be a great place to start. Ask people you know if they can either recommend a specific roofing contractor, or steer you away from one.

5. Ask potential firms to visit your site

You’ll want to get a feel for how professional a team is, and you can do this by asking them to visit your site. Do they arrive on time? Are they presented in a professional manner. Do they answer your questions honestly? These are all things you might want to check.

6. Check their references and testimonials

Any good roofing contractor should have tons of positive reviews and testimonials from happy clients. If they can’t provide you with any, you might want to look elsewhere. Try asking to see their portfolio or work.

If you can, visit some sites yourself and even ask the homeowners how happy they were with their roof construction or repair.

As well as their testimonials, you might also want to check any specific licenses and qualifications each roofer has.

Hiring a roofing contractor checklist #7 Ask for competitive quotes

Don’t go with the first roofer you find – ask for quotes. Some firms might be willing to match or undercut competitors. Just be careful not to go for the cheapest contractor if you aren’t sure they’re the best for the job.

8. See what financing options are available

Do you need to pay up front or can you pay some later? Getting a new roof can be expensive, so you’ll need to check what help with payment might be available.

9. Ask how long they think the work will take

If they’re a big firm, they might be able to bring in a number of employees and finish the job in a matter of days. However, this could also be expensive.

Check how long each roofer thinks the job is going to take and compare that to the quote they offer you.

Weight up the pros and cons associated with getting the job done faster. Will the same team-members be working on your site every day? Are there any issues regarding accessing your roof that might make the job take longer or become more expensive? These are more questions you might want to ask.

Hopefully, this checklist has given you enough information so that you can find the best contractor for you.