Low Slope Metal Roofs – Why They Could be the Right Choice for You

Low Slope Metal Roofs – Why They Could be the Right Choice for You

If you’re looking for an affordable and durable roof solution for your home or business – low slope metal roofs could be for you. You might think these roofs are only for heavy-industrial units, but things are changing.

Actually, more and more residential architects are starting to see the benefits of a low slope metal roof. They’re both cost effective and architecturally suitable for a number of different types of buildings.

So whether you’re building a new facility for your business or simply want to try something different for your residential home – in this article, we’re going to look at a few of the benefits of a low slope metal roof. You’ll see why more and more people are choosing them for their property every year.

Cheap to install, cheap to maintain

Low slope metal roofs are super cost-effective on a number of different levels. Not only are they cheap to install, they’re also importantly cheap to maintain.low slope metal roof info

They provide years of durability at a fraction of the cost of a traditional roof. That means you can put one up and then forget about it for potentially decades – all while a traditional roof needs constant care and attention to prevent cracks.

If you’ve seen how often some home-owners have to get their traditional shingle roof looked at, repaired, re-layed or replaced – you’ll start to see why a low slope metal roof could give you the easy life you’ve been looking for.

Quick and easy

Another reason low-slope metal roofs are so cheap is because they’re also quick to install – and that’s another benefit in itself. You won’t need a team of professionals working days or potentially weeks to hand-build each part of your roof. Simply ship in the right size metal roofing and get it in place in a day or two.

If you’re really in a rush – low slope metal roofing can get you the roof you need without too much fuss.

Modern finish

While low slope metal roofs might not look great on an industrial building – the main reason they’re there is because they’re cheap and durable. So if you place these things above style then a low slope metal roof should already be towards the top of your list.

But with the right architect, a metal roof can still provide a modern, stylish finish to your property – especially if it fits in with the aesthetic and material you’ve built the rest of your home with. The right metal roof can add that final touch to a modern home that wows guests for years to come.

First-rate protection

Metal slope roofs have been popular in industrial buildings for decades now – and it’s not because they’re a cost-effective way to cover large buildings.

They also provide first-rate protection against the elements and are durable for many years after construction. They allow water to drain away from the roof quickly and easily, keeping everything inside dry at all times.

They’re also really light – so you don’t have to worry about overloading. As well as this, they’re particularly resistant to heavy-winds.

Sustainable and recyclable

low slope roofs

Low slope metal roofs are a sustainable option that won’t need replacing for many decades. As we already touched on, a metal roof won’t need much maintenance so it’s great for a building you just want to put up and forget about for a while rather than a traditional roof that needs constant care and attention.

One huge benefit of a metal roof compared to a traditional one is that they’re actually much better for the environment. You might be surprised when you hear this – as metal roofs don’t seem environmentally friendly. But that’s because most metal roofs are constructed from recyclable metal. So when it’s finally time to get a new roof, you’ll be able to dispose of the old one in a sustainable way that could even get you some money back.

High-quality drainage

Your metal roof will be finished with a seaming machine to ensure a watertight seal to interlocking panels. This seam will make sure rain and snow are adequately drained and that integrity of the roof will be kept so that ponds and leaks don’t form.

Cost-effective solution

Low slope metal roofs last around 20-40 years. That means the initial up-front cost is offset for much longer than many potential roof solutions. They’re also a much cheaper way to roof a large area – so if you’re building a big home, storage facility or commercial property – they could be the right choice for you.

Lower demands on the structure

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Because low slope roofs keep a low profile and spread the weight of the roof accordingly, they require much less from the building they are placed on. That means you can use low slope metal roofs as a lightweight solution on lighter builds as a perfect way to protect them from the elements.

Low slope metal roofs are one of the lightest roofing solutions available, and they’re also one of the easiest to install. That makes them a viable solution for tons of different types of buildings. Low slope metal roofs can be deployed directly over roof joists rather than needing an underlying deck like many traditional roofs – again making them more efficient and easier to put in place.

Multiple colors

If you’re looking to finish your home with a particular color, metal roofs are available in a wide range of different ones. That means they really could add that stylish finish to a modern-designed home that stands out.

The right choice

Hopefully, you’ve now seen how low slope metal roofs cold be the right choice for your new or existing construction. They aren’t just for industrial units, but they could provide a cheap, durable and sustainable way to roof your property that’s hard to beat.